Best Banana +Stuff Bread recipe

Emilie at work asked for my recipe, so here you are Emilie! x   (It’s a cake really.)

Banana bread loaf recipe
I make Banana Bread because I always have frozen bananas in the freezer (peel before you freeze). And I always have paper loaf tin liners in the cupboard so there’s no phaffing around greasing and lining. This is by far the fastest laziest cake I can make and it’s scrummy. It’s an easy one to throw together for visitors or as something to take into the office.

Let’s quickly talk about the + Stuff. You can stick pretty much whatever you have going spare in this cake. Dried fruit, chocolate, seeds, chopped nuts, old sweets. I discourage from spontaneously adding dried coconut as I find it tends to dry out batters and this cake is best  moist. I save random chocolates for throwing into baked goods – cheap chocolate that doesn’t taste that special on its own is lovely as chunks in a cake.

Banana bread recipe
The example pictured here has sultanas, pumpkin seeds and some random leftover chocolate box chocolates that were won in a raffle (I used all the truffle/nut/fudge ones and binned the strawberry/coffee creams because they really weren’t going to work in banana bread).
Banana bread recipe


300g self raising flour
pinch of salt
75g butter/coconut oil/vegetable oil (I tend to use a mixture)
100g soft brown sugar
1tsp vanilla
3 eggs
2 large/3 small bananas mashed

+ Stuff
e.g.  handful chopped chocolate
handful sultanas
handful chopped nuts
handful seeds


1/   oven = 180*C fan

2/   cream fats, sugar and vanilla in a large bowl. Beat in eggs. Stir in mashed bananas.

3/   work in dry ingredients

4/   stir in +Stuff

5/   put liner in loaf tin and fill with mixture

6/   bake for 30min in middle of oven and then test for moist crumb.

7/   bake for an additional 5- 10min at a time as required. If you’re worried the top might burn, cover with a bit of foil and continue cooking in the oven.

Banana bread recipe

If you’re a terrible person you can spread nuttela on it.


I also have a really good flapjack recipe on my About page. Don’t bother making it if you’re on a diet.