Cat House

Otherwise known as a fabric covered cardboard box.  Everyone love kittens and toile de Jouy, right?

I saw one of these on C Channel (an online Japanese lifestyle magazine).

My sitting room is currently littered with cardboard box kitten obstacles…. so making a much more aesthetic version was a no brainer.

Scrap curtain material from a relative meant this was a ‘no cost’ project. Woo hoo.

You will need:

A cardboard box
Spare fabric (freebie/curtain scraps)
Bias binding to finish the hole
A hand towel/bit of something to line it with
Go figure!
It wouldn’t actually matter if the bias binding was a slightly different colour as it’s completely hidden inside.

I also put a bit of masking tape around the oval cardboard hole to neaten it, and hopefully deter the little monsters from chewing and destroying it too quickly.

Soo Yung the beautiful



Bonus footage…..

Short Film: Buzz off Soo Yung






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