We now do kits! Woo hoo!!

(goodness me I’ve been talking about it for long enough)

Currently we only sell our kits at events we attend.  If you are interested in ordering or would especially like us to bring along our kit selection to one of our events you are attending drop us a line.


Are your kits for adults or kids?

Our kits are for everyone, young and old, because crafting ability is ageless.  Some 8yr olds have staggering sewing skills and some adults can’t thread a needle. And everyone loves making cute things regardless of age.

We rank our kits as Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced and try to give guideline starting ages that should not require adult assistance. 

I also find that children can be very motivated by really fashionable ‘grown-up’ looking kits so all our Intermediate Kits are suitable for a young child with a little assistance from a grown up confident sewer.

  • easy to follow clear instructions with fun illustrated drawings. 
  • pre cut fabric where appropriate

Here are some of the kits we currently do……

sequin scrunchie craft kit make sewing scrunchiesSequin Scrunchies Kit

  • Makes 2
  • Colour options are Black/Gold or Gold/RoseGold
  • Can be handsewn or using a sewing machine
  • Intermediate Level. Suitable for 8yrs+
  • Fun illustrated instructions

kanzashi craft kit flowers sew make origami hairclip broochKanzashi Flower Hairclip & Brooch Kit

  • Traditional Geisha hair ornament craft technique
  • Silk fabrics
  • Makes 1 double action hairclip and brooch
  • Intermediate level   or   Beginner level 6yrs+ with assistance from confident handsewer.
  • Fun illustrated instructions
  • Based on our very popular Christmas Craft Workshops at Hyper Japan

fur pom pom keyring pompom craft kit makeFur Pom Pom Keyring Kit

  • Makes 1 keyring
  • Current Colourway: Lavendar Grey
  • Beginner Level – suitable for 6yrs+ that can do basic running stitch.
  • Fun illustrated instructions
  • *Childrens favourite*

Needle Felt Starter Kit

Everything you need to create your first designs, including minimum of 20 colours.

goldwork embroidery*Special Event Kits*

Occasionally we do special kits for special one-of workshops. These are only about available for attendees to preorder through our Facebook groups the Otome Sewing Bee.

these have included…

Regents Park Embroidery Picnic Special Starter Pack

Goldwork Embroidery Workshop Special Park