J-Style Exhibition

23-30 September 2016.

The Otome Sewing Bee contributed to a fabulous exhibition on ‘J-Style’ – a celebration of alternative Japanese Street Fashion in the UK.

Seven artists working across a variety of different mediums explored the colourful and creative world of a fashion that originated in Harajuku, the home of Tokyo’s alternative fashion culture.

A brilliant fresh exhibition that received great reviews and that we were all delighted to be involved in.

otome sewing bee all the cute things exhibition j-style

Heidi-kei outfit j-style exhibition flapjac


gothic lolita roba a la francaise sack back gown


Otome sewing bee exhibition j-style


Opening Night Video featuring lots of colourful young J-fashionistas. Created by Bree Van Zyl and published by Saoirse Clohessy.


J-style exhibition fairykei jfashion
Artwork – Madeleine Allcock
Photo – Saoirse Clohessy
J-style exhibition lolita
Photo – Saoirse Clohessy
J-style exhibition
Photo – Saoirse Clohessy
j-style exhibition fairykei
Artwork – Madeleine Allcock
Photo – Saoirse Clohessy
storm neverland lolita artwork j-style exhibition
Artwork – Storm Neverland


otome sewing bee j-style exhibition lolita


otome sewing bee info about


j-style exhibition jfashion poster flyer


j-style exhibition shop

Finally, Flapjac and the Otome Sewing Bee organised and managed an art sales table on the opening night.


All the wonderful artists

Emily Faulder
Madeliene Allcock – Madillustration
Otome Sewing Bee
Roxie Sweetheart
Saoirse Clohessy
Storm Neverland

Title image for the Exhibition – Emily Faulder
Exhibition Graphic Design – Madeliene Allcock